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Flake type ice maker has automatic water supply system and overflow protection system. Purification filter with NSF certificate guarantees maximum safety and convenience. Twin screw design provides prompt and uniform ice flake.

Storage Box & Divider

Main Features


  1. Dimension:
    • Ext: 700(W) × 700(D) × 975(H) mm
    • Int: 600(W) × 300(D) × 500(H) mm
  2. Production capacity: 120Kg/Day
  3. Storage capacity: 90Kg
  4. Production method: revolution of twin screw shaft mechanism
  5. Refrigeration system:
    • Compressor: 1/3Hp, Hermetic type
    • Condenser: forced circulation, air cooled 1/3Hp motor condensing
  6. Shaft RPM: 20RPM
  7. Material:
    • Body: high pressure injected Urethane, blower forming
    • Door: high pressure injected Urethane
  8. Insulation: 50mm polyurethane
  9. Voltage: 220 Voltage, 60Hz, single phase


  1. Flake type ice produced by Twin screw shaft mechanism is optimal and economical for laboratory use because ice particle stays for a long time.
  2. Storage time is extended at -15℃ by high density urethane insulation.
  3. Easy and convenient operation by one touch control.
  4. Overload protection against incoming current, self control on water supply and overflow.
  5. Anti-corrosion design by HDPE interior
  6. ISO 9001 7. ISO 14001

Detail & Features

High performance freezing system

Superior device and screws produce highly purified flake type ice as hard particles.

Automatic system from water supply to ice production

Self control of water supply and its level, protecting from overflow.

Twin screw shaft mechanism

Fast and efficient production of flake ice with uniformity.


Automatic Ice Control System

Ice amount is controlled by sensor for protecting from over-production.

High standard purification filter

Water is filtered for high level purification and longer life time of equipment.

Adiabatic effects of bin storage

Combination of high density polyethylene and polyurethane provide effective insulation for keeping ice flake with best condition.