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Serie Estándar LP10-30

Series LP 10 LP 20 LP 30
Ice Capacity Liters 16 Liters 24 Liters
Totally Ice Capacity 10 Liters 20 Liters 30 Liters
Condenser Temp. -50 ~ -85℃ (-120℃)
Shelf Temp. -45(-55℃) ~ +80℃
Shelf Areas -0.6m2(0.2m2/EA) -1.2m2(0.2m2/EA) -2m2(0.4m2/EA)
Shelf Quantity 3+1 6+1 5+1
Shelf Dimensions 400 x 500 x 18 500 x 800 x 18
Ext. Dimensions 1490 x 910 x 1700 1580 x 1085 x 1950 1810 x 1456 x 1995
Electrical 380/220V 3Ph 50/60Hz
Refrigeration System 2HP x 2EA 3HP x 2EA 5HP x 2EA
Vacuum Vol. (LPM) 417 648 841
Manifold Service Port 5EA
Optional Isolation system
Stoppering system
CIP system
SIP system
Monitoring system
Validation support



Spiral design convinces ±1℃ temperature uniformity of shelves and 20% plus energy saving. Uniform result of drying is guaranteed by this patented technology.(Patent No. 10-0840930)



Feature that can monitor equipments even on the opposite side of the world by situation room in Korea allows comfortable and reliable working environment for researchers. introduces new frontier of bio-sample storage.

Black Box Transfer

This new feature overcomes D.A.S communication, reaching ultimate stage of 24/7 proactive monitoring solution. World first technology to guarantee safety of your sample is proudly launched at Cryo-Pride series.

Warning for Corrective Action

Black box provides instant feedback when operator needs to check or inspect storage status. Proactive, efficient, hassle free operation is always promised with or without your presence.

Mobile Smart Recon

You can monitor your storage status by your smart phone at any time at any place. By Ethernet Android or ios, Cryo-pride is always inside of your view.

Proactive Service

Even when you need technician to inspect the freezer, you do not need to wait for the visit. Solution is already on hands. Proactive service shall minimize your concern and waiting time.


Control System

Whole process control and monitoring are available by full color TFT LCD. Every parameter, program setup,demand control is simply executable by 'Touch'.

Manifold Chamber

Without interruption with chamber drying, this feature provides various attempts of drying with efficient manner.

Certified Electric System

Entire system is constituted by CE certified electronic components. Compartment structure helps operator to keep the whole system healthy and solid.

Refrigeration System

Isolated design for mechanical system allows safe and easy maintenance with less noise and vibration during operation.

Condenser Chamber

Stainless steel drum structure trap enables condensing of moisture and solvent with uniformity. Defrosting within 10 minutes allows continuous freeze drying without interval time.

Defrosting system

Without use of steam or hot water, defrosting process is easily executed by hot gas process. With this fast and efficient defrosting, clients can enjoy continuous operation without delay.