il + Shin = In + Confidence

ilShin is a combination of words that originate from the traditional Korean language. The first part of the word, il, means IN. The second part of the word, Shin, means CONFIDENCE.

This explains the main value of our company, ilShin. We have great confidence in the quality of our innovative products. Our main goal is to keep our customers satisfied through a quick and accurate response from our service group. As a result also our customers maintain the trust in ilShin continuous innovation!

It all started on December 6, 1988 when ilShin Engineering was founded in South Korea. In 1994, ilShin Engineering became ilShin Lab Co Ltd. Due to the excellent after-sales service and the large number of innovations the company managed to expand its market share. In this way ilShin manages to establish itself as the main manufacturer of Ultra Freezer Quality, Freeze dryers and ice makers for laboratories.

In the new millennium, growth in the South Korea market stabilized and motivated ilShin to establish international sales and service networks.

In 2007, ilShin America was founded with the main objective of providing all the sales services and technical assistance of high quality for the American continent.

Ilshin Biobase factory in South Korea